SpriteKit > Cocos2d-JS

For the past few months I have been doing almost no developing since finishing Space Hops. I have been busy with school and other commitments but now that school is finally out I am just about to get into my next game (I am deciding to leave Space Hops as is, more on that in a later post). I had been debating between using a couple different game engines. I was  ready to start with cocos2d-js and I even developed a very basic game with it. cocos2d-js is great because you can develop for html5, ios and andriod, using the same source code. It also makes testing quick and easy because you can test it in your web browser. I was worried however about developing for different Android phones, and for the Android platform in general. During WWDC 2013 Apple unveiled it’s new game engine SpriteKit. The introductory videos that took place at the WWDC are very clear and the demo game Adventure they released demonstrates many of the things that SpriteKit is capable of. SpriteKit is native to iOS and OSX, and integrated with XCode 5. It comes with a built in physics engine and a particle effects designer! Apple have released a good deal of documentation to go along with SpriteKit, which is much better than the few sample games that are available with cocos2d-js to learn off of. I am quite devoted to my Apple devices, and I think iOS 7 is going in the right direction (maybe with a couple design changes: http://tristanedwards.me/what-ios7-should-look-likehttp://mattgemmell.com/2013/06/12/ios-7/http://josh.io/a-few-pixels-here-and-there-and-ios-7-is-beautiful/). I am convinced me to use SpriteKit as my game engine and develop solely for iOS and possibly OSX. I think it will be easier to transition to, and faster to develop with. I suspect that this is exactly what Apple had hoped to happen with SpriteKit. Apple knows that developers (mostly) prefer developing for iOS, due to the simplicity and greater revenues, and SpriteKit is an attempt to rip developers away from Android, and increase the amount of apps that are for iOS only. The only way I see this plan being really successful for Apple is if they release a great new phone in the fall to go with iOS 7. 

I have just begun working on my next game. I hope to share some of my progress along the way and hopefully be ready to release it in the fall. 


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